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May - September

Sport climbing 

Beginner course in climbing for you who have climbed most indoors and will be confident in outdoor climbing.  Basic methods and climbing techniques are central to the course.


January - March

Rescue course for climbers

Become a safer climber, take a rescue course with us. We will teach you everything you need to know to prevent accidents. All our instructors are certified supervisors.


December - March

Rock climbing course

We arrange rock climbing courses all summer in Lofoten. Learn everything you need to climb the mountains. All our instructors are certified supervisors.


January - March

Avalanche course - Level 2

Immerse yourself in the avalanche subject, take our advanced avalanche course.

We go in depth on the snow subject. You learn methods for detecting weak layers in the snow cover, recognizing the avalanche problem and terrain assessment.


December - March

Glacier course

We arrange glacier courses for you who want to reach mountain peaks that require glacier crossings. Or for you who want to learn more about glaciers and how to travel safely on them.

We arrange courses in Narvik, Lyngen and Hurrungane.


January - March

Alpine climbing course

The alpine climbing course is for you who want to climb long routes and climb inaccessible mountain peaks.

We arrange the course in Lofoten, Narvik and Hurrungane, both summer and winter. The winter course contains  ice climbing.


January - March

Avalanche course - basic

Travel safely in the winter mountains. Take courses with us and learn how to assess the risk of avalanches, first aid and trip planning.


December - March

Freeride course

Learn cutting turns, control your speed and master steep skiing. All this and a little more you learn in this course in ski freeride skiing. Perfect course for summit enthusiasts.


January - March

Ice climbing course

Interested in trying ice climbing? Sign up for courses with us. We have extensive experience and help you get started with ice climbing.


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