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Guided climb to Lofoten's most spectacular mountain peak

Normal Route

The goat as it is popularly called is perhaps Lofoten's most famous mountain peak for climbers. The trip offers spectacular views from the crossing of the forest border. The climb is steep and can be challenging for many. We help you up with tight ropes, climbing tips and advice. But the actual climbing you have to do yourself. From the top of Geita you have the cemetery in Svolvær under your feet. Here, cyclists have jumped from the big horn to the small horn, bridal couples have been married and canoes overturned to get the characteristic picture with Svolvær in the background.

Tour description

We meet in the parking lot at the Sherpa stairs for a little meeting. There we talk through how the trip is carried out, what is required of you and how we help you to the top. We stroll up the forest and get a quick view of the city. We talk about plants and history as we approach the mountain. The climb is steep, but on good roofs. We climb the goat in two rope lengths, so you get a little rest halfway. The last stage goes up on the big horn. Here the view is fantastic and you can feel all the world's emotions flowing through your body! From here you can climb over to the little horn if you are brave. Or you can choose to be lowered down to the ground again. From there we stroll down to the city together.

"Svolværgeita is the place's alpine pride, and had rejected several suitors, among whom Martin Ekroll at Skrova had declared that she was not receptive to courtesy other than rockets"  

- first climber Ferdinand Schjeldrup about Geita

Practical information


3-5 hours


We provide the necessary equipment



Number of people:

We take 1 to 4 people per guide.


1 person: 3500, -

2-4 people: 2000, - per person

Age limit

15 years

There may be a lot going on in July, which may lead to some waiting

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All our guides are internationally certified mountain guides - IFMGA Mountain Guides

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