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Alpine climbing course

Alpine climbing course - winter and summer

Do you want to climb long ridges and climb inaccessible mountain peaks? Our alpine climbing course teaches you the use of ropes and safety equipment so that you have the competence to carry out such trips.

You will learn how to use an ice ax, crampons and ropes effectively. How to cross a glacier or rappelling down an exposed section. And much more!


An alpine hike is a long mountain hike with many elements that must be mastered. This form of climbing is demanding but incredibly rewarding at the same time. A course with us includes:

  • Rope techniques, knots and smart solutions

  • Climbing with mountain shoes

  • Focus on buoyancy and choice in the mountains

  • Crampon technique *

  • Climbing with ice axes *

  • Avalanche theory *

  • First aid

* applies to winter courses

Feel free to contact us to arrange courses on a date that suits you.

Or sign up for one of our set courses in the course calendar.


Practical info


7800, - per person (5 days)

10% student discount


5 days is recommended


All necessary equipment can be borrowed

Recommended prior knowledge:  

Steep card or equivalent knowledge

Age limit:

15 years


All year

Number of participants:

At least 2 participants for completion of courses

When ordering a course, you accept our booking terms and conditions.

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