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About using a guide - info for you as a guest

A mountain guide has safety as his first priority. It is nevertheless an interaction between guest and guide that brings them to the top. The guide is responsible for informing about all dangers, being transparent about choices made, and guiding the guest as well as possible.

The guest is responsible for informing the guide about things he has interests in knowing about. There may be fear of heights, allergies, heart disease, etc. If the guest feels uncomfortable, then it is the guest's duty to inform the guide about this so that he can rearrange the trip.  

The guide has the final say in all decisions made. In other words, the guide may decide to cancel the trip if the condition or shape does not match the goals. An attempt is made to make this decision as open and tidy as possible to the guest. A new trip or alternative trip will then be suggested.

By attending events through BMG, you also confirm that you accept the premises for the event. This applies to you in addition to what is mentioned above:

- Own travel insurance that covers extreme sports.

- Always respect and adhere to the instructions decided by the guide or instructor.

- Show nature and your fellow human beings respect and courtesy.

From our side, we are obliged to:

- Offer qualified instructors and guides who have the competence and skills to carry out the desired activity

- Ensure that all our instructors and guides have liability insurance through NORTIND or equivalent.

- In the event of a breach of safety or reckless conduct, BMG is obliged to follow the guide's or instructor's behavior.

Booking conditions for courses

  • Courses under the auspices of BMG are not confirmed until the booking fee of NOK 1,000 has been paid.

  • An invoice for the remaining amount is sent out continuously.

  • Courses must be paid in full within 21 days before the course or tour starts.

  • Booking fee will not be refunded.



General booking conditions

  • If canceled between 21 and 10 days before the trip, half the amount will be refunded.

  • Cancellations that occur less than 10 days before the agreed time for the trip / course will not be refunded, unless the cancellation is made by BMG.

  • Cancellations must be made by writing an e-mail .

Weather conditions

  • Started trip that must be canceled due to weather does not provide a refund.

  • Canceled trips due to weather conditions can be moved to the next available date in our calendar at no extra cost. If the trip is canceled in its entirety, the general booking conditions apply.

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