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Mountaineering - climbs we recommend

Hamarøyskaftet Bergtagen

May - September

Hamarøy shaft

In Hamsun's kingdom there is a landmark called Hamarøyskaftet. A short but airy trip suitable for people accustomed to the mountains. Perfect warm-up trip to Stetind.


June - September


The most beautiful climb in Narvik Municipality. Join a raw nature experience with good, certified guides. You are guaranteed to be rocked!


May - September


Raising over Svolvær stands Svolværgeita, an aesthetic pinnacle that just MUST be experienced. The climb is steep, but doable for most people. Join the coolest climb of the summer!


June - September


Norway's national mountains and one of the 3 major climbs in Norwegian mountaineering. If you have not climbed Stetind yet, then it is about time. Sign up here!


May - September

North ridge of Vågakallen

Do you want to experience the best of rock climbing in Lofoten? We guide you on the finest classics. Get in touch to make an appointment.

Vestpillaren Bergtagen Guides

May - September

The West Pillar - Presten

Lofoten's most beautiful climbing route. Suitable for you who have climbed a little before. We will guide you up this super classic with pleasure!


June - September


Fantastic mountain climbing in Lofoten. An adventure route for you who love steep and airy climbing. The trip takes about 8 hours and is a real challenge for most people!


May - September


The little brother of Nordryggen is called Småkallantraversen. The airy ridge offers fantastic views and is an experience second to none. 


May - September

Eidetind - Klubbruta

Klubbruta is a super classic in Efjord that is well worth a visit. A climbing trip with climbing in focus is what best describes the trip.

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