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Norway's roughest ridge climb

Season: Mid-June - September

The eastern ridge

Are you adventurous and fond of airy ridges? Then the Kuglhorn trip is for you. Take your friends on a trip they will never forget. The climb on Kuglhorn's east ridge looks quite extreme from a distance. And by all means, the climb is airy and occasionally you balance on a knife edge. But the climbing is no more difficult than grade N4, which is affordable for most people. If you can keep your nerves in check, then this trip will be the highlight of the summer, we can guarantee that. Join one of our skilled guides and experience the dragon ridge of Kuglhorn!


Kuglhorn is located in Efjord, 45 minutes south of Narvik. From the top you look over to the neighbor, Stetind and beyond the Lofoten wall. The area is beautiful and the trip starts with a hike up the world famous Verdenssvadet. By the way, this is a great place to camp. After an hour we get on the saddle. Here we put on ropes, harnesses and helmets. The climb is very easy in the beginning, but gradually gets harder. You must be in normal mountaineering shape, and should be comfortable with heights to join this tour.

We recommend a long weekend with the combination of Stetind and Kuglhorn. Get in touch for a price quote!


5-8 hours


We provide the necessary equipment. You need regular mountain shoes and a 30l sack

Price (NOK):

1 person: 4800, -

2 people: 3500, - per person


Practical information


6-8 hours


We provide the necessary equipment



Number of people:

We take 1 to 2 people per guide.


1 person: 4500, -

2 people: 3000, - per person

Age limit:

15 years


Mid-June to September

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